Depression Wellness Resources for the Santa Barbara Community

I offer this web site from my heart with the hope that it will resonate and possibly help other people struggling with depression. See Lessons Learning for some ideas to consider if you are in the midst of depression. I hope that this web site will provide support and resources for families and friends to see that there are things they can do to help a loved one who is depressed and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. My goal is to de-stigmatize this condition and increase compassion for people with this illness and provide some ideas and pathways for people to explore as they search to find their way into wellness.

if you would like to contact me, share your story, or be part of a peer or family support network, please email info@outofthewell.com


Please do not consider anything on this site as a form of treatment, or substitute for professional services. It is offered for educational purposes only.