There are many scientific studies documenting the positive effect of exercise on mood and easing symptoms of depression. In my personal experience, exercise has been extremely helpful. Exercise has always been part of my daily routine and when I was deeply depressed, it was one of the only things I could still do.

I always find it easier to exercise with other people, especially when I am depressed and having difficulty getting motivated. For this reason, I am starting a weekly exercise group for women currently struggling or who have experienced depression in the past. I am calling the group “Get off the Couch” or G.O.T.C. Fitness.

The group will hike, jog, walk on beaches, do some yoga and core training exercises. I am planning to start up the group in May 2008. If you are interested in the group, please email info@outofthewell.com and put GOTC in the subject line. Also please indicate best times for you to meet. That will help me to determine when to schedule the weekly group.

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